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M. B.

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03:30 pm: Soul Spirit - The Great Deception Book Cover
For those who wonder what I am doing, ''Soul Esprit'' had absolutely no right whatsoever to have done what he is doing to me, which is libel plain and simple. Will follow Âme Esprit's book covers.  For those who wonder, ''Soul'' = Âme in French and ''Esprit'' = Spirit in English so I am only normalizing his pen name here because he got an English word ''Soul'' followed by a French word ''Esprit'' so now you got the normalized versions in both languages.  Also, the facts which were empirically clearly demonstrated already are added on the book covers as well and take very good note that I am not his only target
and that he supports (behind his pen name of course) the Westboro Baptist church as well.
Consider any ''homeless author'' who MANIPULATED AND LIED his way to the Jeff Rense Program by USING David Dees (http://www.stopthecrime.net/wh14.html) as very suspicious IN ORDER TO CREATE THE PERFECT PITY PLOY by acquiring FAKE CREDIBILITY for his pen name.  It is not for no reason that Jeff Rense removed his interview with him from his archives.
Thank you/Merci

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